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We can work with any shape imaginable for your polishing needs. When you want to make a great impression, professional polishing will make your handiwork shine!

Inner Pipe Polishing:

above is an example of a highly polished 12" ID pipe used for sanitary purposes. The before and after images reveal the attention to detail that Jhelsa is known for.

Brass Polishing:

Brass polishing is our specialty and these images give a glimpse into the quantities of brass polishing done here at Jhelsa.

Base Polishing:

here we have an example of a base stand polished to a #7 finish. (Polish/Buff)

Fixing Water Damage:

this sheet was damaged by exposure to water. First, Jhelsa prepped the sheet to remove the surface damage and the polished the sheet to a mirror finish as shown in the completed image.

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