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Jhelsa Metal Polishing and Fabricating Inc. has over 30 years experience in metal polishing and fabrication. We strive for continuous improvement and won't stop until each project exceeds customer expectation. We monitor each phase of production with strict supervision and attention to detail. Whether the project involves interior polishing for food processing (which no one can see, but everyone can taste) or exterior polishing (which everyone can see and appreciate), we strive for perfection. Jhelsa's expertise keeps quality high and saves money by getting projects done right the first time. Give us a call today at 773-385-6628

What we offer

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    Our facilities:

    We are conveniently located in the northwest side of Chicago for your convenience and safe transport of your material.

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    Our workshop:

    It features the following tools for your projects: For Fabrication: Cutting edge tools, circular grinder, circular saw, de burring machines, vertical band saw machine, beveler machine for cutting edges, power drills equipment for drilling & tapping, beaver pipe & bolt machines. Welding equipment for all types of welding (handrails, custom railings, unique edges and sculptures).

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    Lifting capacity:

    Our forklift trucks can handle up to 4 Tons (8,000 Pounds). Our machinery can handle wide sheets and long barrels for whatever your production needs may be.

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    For Polishing:

    ID/OD polishers, Time Saver, D & S table, machine for polishing tubes, sheets, and plates. Lathe machines, swing arm polishers & buffers for edge & corners polishing, hand held polishers, Acme buffer machine, belts sander machine, long spindle, production machines for OD, flexible polisher machines, machine turning table polishing machine, electric and air tools for circular and longway finish. Dial calipers and profilometer machines for RA and RMS readouts.

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    We are a UCP Certified DBE vendor for IDOT, City of Chicago, CTA, Metra and PACE. See our listing (865kb PDF) Page 6.

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    Feel free to contact us!

Our work team

Jorge Henaine


Maricel Rivera

Vice President



Certified Metal Workers

15+ certified workers

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